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Turntablist, Disc Jockey, Producer, Voice Actor, Sound Engineer, Music Enthusiast, and Father. DJ EMCEE, born Michael Collins, is widely regarded as a premier Disc Jockey in Central Florida. Beginning his career in 1996, this DJ continues to redefine his mark in an ever changing and diverse industry. Aspiring to attain greatness and thrill audiences internationally, he studies every aspects of the Dj craft, developing experience in all genres of music. Spinning everything from Hip-Hop to R&B, Latin, Reggae, Funk, Soul, Breaks, Rock, Jazz, Country, and EDM, he continues to seek more music knowledge. His love for music is interpreted in clubs, lounges, social events, and willingly available to bring a party to any city near you. EMCEE has traveled the country, performing in large venues in major cities from New York to Los Angeles, with several celebrities, and fellow famous DJ’s like Kid Capri, Biz Markie, Mc Lyte and many others. You can listen to DJ EMCEE live on HOT 94.1 FM in Daytona Beach, Florida  daily as a radio personality and mixer. EMCEE has rocked college campuses, festivals, and televised award ceremonies like the Image Awards and Essence Festival. His influences include DJ Qbert, Jazzy Jeff, Jam Master Jay, DJ NABS, Kid Capri, Dj Juice, Cash Money, SPS, Scratch, and many others of whom helped define his style and passion for all the elements of real hip hop. After watching DMC competitions, hearing live performances, and perfecting his craft at home; EMCEE knew the only way to fulfill his dreams was to become a top-performing Disc Jockey. Entering and winning competitions made him realize his potential and love for the craft, which he currently continues to redevelop. This superstar DJ gives 110% at every event whether it's a stadium, club, wedding, or private party. His goal is to invigorate with his dynamic voice, scratch artistry, and song interpretation. He is the #1 chief party rocker and will proceed to prove it at your venue.

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